Thursday, January 21, 2016

What Kind of Guy Settles on a BlogSpot as his preferred dating/networking website? Me, I Do. Why?


1. I have complete control of it.

2. I am Done typing my "get to know you better" messages to robots and escorts. Done with a capital "D". Now I type when I feel like it on my blog, and just share a link to this blog.

3. I, until recently, was not sharing my writing or art projects with anyone and not doing any painting or drawing of anything but construction blueprints in my field of work, basically because I've always felt I sucked at creating art. I was confident that I could copy art very well, just not create it (duh). I now write daily with reckless abandon and I paint my own creations daily with devil-may-care confidence. My friends seem to enjoy what I write and paint, so I'm sharing now, with this blogspot as proof of the change.

IT SEEMS THAT THE TIME HAS ARRIVED TO GIVE MY BEST FRIEND, Miz Anna Waters , SOME WELL DESERVED CREDIT FOR HER AMAZING ACHIEVEMENTS AND SOME WELL-EARNED GRATITUDE FROM ME, FOR HER SUPPORT. I hope you don't mind the accompanying photo, but Anna is often so amazing that I wonder if she might be a Cyborg like the woman in the photo. I believe she is planning to be a cyborg unit someday soon.






She is an angel (but don't get me wrong, she is very adept at mixing just enough of the devil with the angel to be hella' fun!)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

iMusings on NSA's, FWB's, LTR's, BBC's, BBW's, HWP's, ETC's

This post goes out to the Universe of Love that we live in, but especially to  those who read the previous version of this post, "post" being a word which was usually used to describe a long rigid thing that was inserted into a soft hole in our Mother's outer layer and was maneuvered about to become a vertical structural component for one of her favorite things, a Mother Earth's Supermarket. or some other kind of building, etc , but "post"is now popular internet-slangish jargon for literary missiles such as "The One" that you are reading now, as we speak. The previous version was flagged and yanked by CL earlier, reasons remain unknown and un-cared-about. It probably needed to be…
This post is about me (so what’s new) so here’s some pictures of a guy who I, at least, bear a resemblance to...

Dear Sexy San Franciscan CraigsList-Utilizing Woman,
'Tis a most excellent beauty
and A Heat
you create
with each post to CraigsList that you make
Each time you think that you might take
me home and take advantage of me
the Heat goes up to a hundred and three
I know you're out there searching on the web
growing tired, as I am, of the words I have read
And soon there will be reason to celebrate
When you and I connect for a date.
I will worship your lips
and your long, lovely nose
while my kisses you'll feel
from your head to your toes.
Every night I will sing you
to sleep with a song
and a Dr. Suess story,
If it won't take too long.....

Let's face it...."They" say it....Love Is All There Is (?).....So maybe ultimately or subconsciously I am looking for love, but currently I am (not maybe, I am definitely) seeking relief from an omniscient absence-of-affection, whose presence in my life is driving my "need" for intimate relations and is fanning the flames of my burning desire to expand my sexual diaspora.

It's late for me today, so sorry if I seem a bit wordy/punchy, but I love to write and I'm insanely passionate about words. I'm thinking that I won't seem strange to you at all when/if:
  1.0 You R real
  2.0 We meet
  3.0 We date
But before we can do 3.0 there lies a potential dealbreaker. The pheromones have minds of their own and they are not necessarily designed with our minds in mind. Either "There Lies The Chemistry" or there it don't. We will never know if it do or if it don't until we meet, so how would you suggest we accomplish "The Chemistry Test?" If you will commit to meeting me for a cup of coffee or whatever at a public place near you, I will be there waiting for you. If the pheromones are happy and we decide to give "us" a try, we can only then begin to plan slumber parties and/or forays into the public eye, etc.

Currently, for me, days and times for "us" are very flexible, 'cuz I am enjoying an "early retirement before going back to work" with a nice monthly check and a great 1 br apt in Lower Haight, heart of city. I'm a drummer/singer/artist/writer kinda' guy, I had a fairly successful career as an energy efficiency engineer, now back to focus on music, writing, painting and learning. I'm a gentle giant (6'6" tall, 220 lbs) lean & fit, 420 friendly, rarely drink, very adventurous sexually, very oral, I like to let my fingers do the walking  I love kissing and I like regular injections of it. If you would like me to tell you what I will do sexually to you, please request that information later., but I will always want you to climax before proceeding to intercourse. That's my only rule, "She Comes First", in sex and in all things, but it doesn't have to be your rule. Your vote is more than equal to mine, and when it is about what we do together sexually, I will always honor and accept your vote. I am a vasectomized man, so you will not need to concern yourself with any rogue sperm swimmers.

If all our magnetic devices are in good working order and all our molecules and pheromones are properly aligned, we will begin co-creating whatever type of relationship we agree on, time-limited or not. Arelationship that, in turn, creates an enjoyable and memorable moment...or two..or more (Even just One Moment is "nothing short of A Miracle"). My preference is for our connection to be ongoing, but a one-time NSA is totally acceptable to me.

I've been around a good long while because I just keep showing up. Life shows up every single day and my job is to be OK and show up for it. Beyond that, I try to be impeccable with my word (and my words), I try to keep myself available for the miracles, I try to make no assumptions, I ALL ways do things to the best of my abilities, and I try to take nothing personally.

So when will we meet, My Sweet? 'Cuz when the universe decides that two people will meet, given that they both show up, they do meet (OK, sometimes they still don't). Stuff does happen, Or it doesn't. All we can do is show up for it.

On a more Positive Note, Be Well and Be Kind, for EVERY one we meet is fighting some hard battle, at the very least they are fighting epic battles with the disease we ALL have to manage daily or we will die from it......STRESS.......Please consider a "stress-relief spa weekend" or casual weekday "mental health day" outing to my historic bed and breakfast in the Heart of the Haight District of San Francisco. Here, at "Big Mike's Berserko Lounge'", you will always get "more bang for your buck" and be glad you did.

I can be reached as michaeltootall from geemale and I will provide the remainder of my contact information and cellphone number upon satisfactory receipt of photos from you.                                                                                                                                 If you are against sharing photos online with someone you don't know, I will understand and we will figure it out! In fact, maybe you and I would serve each other better and more efficiently by doing a two-way video-cam mutual-masturbation distant-encounter-of-the-third-kind thing here. I'm down. Either way, Let's do something! What've we got to lose? (besides the  unreasonable and unjustified fears that are inserted daily by The New World Order in order to keep a heapin' helpin' of avoidable suffering in our lives) question mark.

What've we got to lose? Our Selves and Each Other, if we don't step outside the NWO box labeled "LTR" and seize the joys that are available in each moment of our short lives...Love can't be planned or created, it happens or it doesn't, and I don't take chances making commitments that I cannot be in total control of. I use the tools in the bag labeled "Luv", which avoids much of the hoarder's-size accumulation of  baggage stuffed into the bag labeled "Love."

I practice volcanic versions of "it", erupting with earthquake-force verbal exchanges of "I Lava You!"

I don't gamble
'cuz I hate losin' even just One
moment of gladness
moment of fun
Waiting, Hesitating, Procrastinating
Evaluating, Contemplating
Def' it be mighty Irritating for everyone involved
to watch a homie struggling daily with an obsession he can't solve
Adult Dating websites snatch dollars, don't need to pay any wages, they are "software employees"
Listening for love to fall out of the sky?
Well, it ain't gonna' happen and I'll tell you why.
Love? The internet knows only what we tell it,
with no nose to smell it and no brain to spell it.
I'm not waitin' on a message from heav'n above
I get my news from the ones I luv,
It's an act of love, Listening to my friends
And "Luv Iz All There Is" and will never end.

All "there" is?. . ..I ask the Universe "where is "there"?"

No answer. . I went on a spiritual journey to find the meaning of love.... no need or burning desire to be there, just wanna know where to go if I do. . I came upon a sign indicating that the answer to my question lies just over the hill in a vast valley. As I reached the top of the hill I began listening.......
Must-be five zillion crickets are simultaneously answering from yonder field......they are telling me that for all practical purposes, I am simultaneously all ready there and I am already there, so I must know where "there" is now because I am there. Now I know I am whole, Now I know I am already perfect as I am, Now I know I am loved, maybe by many. That's in my head and in my heart, BUT....

I want proof in the form of physical evidence. I want to feel it. I need to feel it.

She asks me if I am "down" with casual encounters....
 Babe, I'm way below "down..."
  I am under the ground...
You see, I have an issue with me...
 like, I really
     really wanna'
  kiss Her
So Deeply that Her taste will never fade nor leave my tongue
So Sweetly that the birds are singing songs they've never sung
With Passion that never will be outdone
Two kisses and...
I'm gone...
on a spiritual quest
laid out on the mattress with my overnight guest.
Is this that thing "love" that "they"all talk about?
The answer is written in the stars up above,
David Crosby's voice from the throat of a dove,

"If you can't be with the One you love, honey, Luv the One You're With"

This means that I knew the answer all along....figgers

And I probably know my true love from a previous life.....

Over the years we've drifted apart
vaporized methane from a decaying fart
so we've turned to this website
in hopes that we might
Find a link to each other, and Re-do the night
Re-kiss the kiss, and Re-light the light
to prove that two people, face to face,
can make the earth move, make the heart race,
You were born with that gift, you were willing to share
but i had to go change my underwear,
and while I was gone, in the blink of an eye
you left and you never said why
some hookup dot commers came scuffling by,
they said I should give online dating a try...

Online Adult Dating?
More like One-way conversation
Dirty Talk with yourself
'cuz the other end ain't listenin'
  it's a computer with no mouth
Unheard by deaf ears
desperate people hiding all their hopes and fears
 on a "one of those" website
our children think Triple X f---ing films
 is "How to do it right"

"as if" there is a right way when it comes to having sex
making pleasure is one thing we should never put to text.
Long-Term Relationship sounds like insurance
Painful premiums due payable every day
  "the one" is not a fad that soon will go away
A fantasy that baffles me every night and every day
whether typed by computer or penned by a friend
The Search For The One-in-a-million won't end
I love to watch love working, claiming lovers from my friends
 victim after victim, what will make it end?
As long as real people are involved in the deal
real lies will be told and you know that they will
Fantasy lovers cannot tell a lie, only one reason is required to explain to you why
Just as there was no such thing as "the truth", in the fantasy love affairs of my youth
there is none today and the absence will never go away...
fantasy people can't tell lies
They speak the truth, you see it in their eyes
I feel your heat
My Luv is Complete.
I'll take that....

Please forgive my indulgence in limericking and wordplay. If you have read this far, you may need professional help, and I can refer you to some good ones. If you think you might like to spend some of your time gettting to know me better, call 911 or consider contactinag me for a continuation of this discussion that will most likely convince you that you probably shouldn't waste any more time on this "getting to know me better" thing OR maybe I am your ONE and you are my ONE and TWOgether we make THE ONE. (worst case scenario?)  double-edged swords require extreme accuracy. handle with care......


Member of DeVries Family Attempts to Make It Big in the Music Biz...Yes, that's Michael on the drums in this video!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Ma'am, That's Capital D - as in Delta, little E - as in Echo, Capital V - as in Victory, R, I, E, S.....

Now, what about the Dutch?

There are three terms we need to define: Holland, the Netherlands, and Dutch. In Old English dutch simply meant “people or nation.” (This also explains why Germany is called Deutschland in German.)

Over time, English-speaking people used the word Dutch to describe people from both the Netherlands and Germany. (At that point in time, in the early 1500s, the Netherlands and parts of Germany, along with Belgium and Luxembourg, were all part of the Holy Roman Empire.)

Specifically the phrase “High Dutch” referred to people from the mountainous area of what is now southern Germany. “Low Dutch” referred to people from the flatlands in what is now the Netherlands.

Within the Holy Roman Empire, the word “Netherlands” was used to describe people from the low-lying (nether) region (land).The term was so widely used that when they became a formal, separate country in 1815, they became the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The word “Holland” literally meant “wood-land” in Old English and originally referred to people from the northern region of the Netherlands. Over time, it came to apply to the entire country.

The Frisians are a Germanic ethnic group native to the coastal parts of the Netherlands and Germany.

They are concentrated in the Dutch provinces of Friesland and Groningen and, in GermanyEast Frisia and North Frisia, that was a part of Denmark until 1864. They inhabit an area known as Frisia

The Frisian languages are still used by 500,000 speakers; dialects of Frisian arerecognized as official languages in both the Netherlands and Germany.

De Vries is one of the most common Dutch surnames.[1]It indicates a geographical origin: "Vriesland" is an old spelling of the Dutchprovince of Friesland (Frisia).

Hence, "De Vries" means "The Frisian". The name has been transcended abroad to "DeVries", "deVries", or "Devries".

Sooo, the surname DeVRIES means "the Frisian" and is a descriptive surname signifying that the individual or his family came from the province of Friesland, the Netherlands. Friesland's language and culture is more closely related to that of the English, as they both had the same Anglo-Saxon ancestors. In Europe, the Frisian ethnic group primarily lives in the provinces of Friesland and Groningen in the Netherlands and also in the region of Ostfriesland and district of Nordfriesland in Germany.

Viking refers to the Norse (Scandinavian) people, famous as explorers, warriors, merchants, and pirates, who raided and colonized wide areas of Europe from the late 8th to the early 11th century. These Norsemen used their famed longships to travel as far east as Constantinople and the Volga River in Russia, and as far west as Iceland, Greenland, and Newfoundland. This period of Viking expansion is known as the Viking Age, and forms a major part of the medieval history of Scandinavia, the British Isles and Europe in general. While Vikings have traditionally been seen as no more than violent, acquisitive heathens, in more modern times they have sometimes been portrayed in a more heroic light. However, the consensus among modern historians is that they can also be seen as aspirational, adventurous peoples, with ingenuity in ship and town construction, and a proficiency as seafarers and traders to match.

The eldest runestones, inscribed with Norse runes, date from the 4th century. These were the Elder Futhark runes. However, the most of the runestones were created during the late Viking Age and thus inscribed with theYounger Futhark runes. The runestones with Norse runes were usually erected to commemorate one or several deceased kinsmen, and in most cases these people died at home peacefully. Usually, men raised or commanded raising a runestone, while some of them are raised by women, usually widows of the deceased. It is believed that runestones were brightly colored. Nowadays, most of them are painted with falu red, Swedish deep red paint known for its use on wooden cottages and barns. The vast majority of the Norse runestones are located in Scandinavia, but they can be found at all places reached by the Norsemen during the Viking Age: from the Isle of Man to Berezan’ in the Black Sea region. It is interesting, however, that not a single runestone is known to be found in Iceland. Runestones were erected at assembly locations, near roads, bridges and fords. Norse Runestones marked territory, explained inheritance, and told about important events. They remain one of the most striking traces
 left from the Viking Age.